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30 Aug 2016

Exploring Poland, Part 3: Silesia

To be in Poland, but not to visit the mountains should be considered a crime. After we left the seaside, our road continued in Silesia Region. Instead of popular Zakopane, we chose to visit Karzkonosze mountains and see what this corner of Poland has to offer.

Our camping site was near Miłków and I really enjoyed all the views around (see below). I enjoyed them so much, that one evening I event went to paint some watercolors!

Our (at least - mine for sure) greatest test was climbing into the most prominent peak of Karzkonosze called Śnieżka. It was one of those rare sunny days, so we got to enjoy not only beautiful panoramas (sometimes it can be really foggy here), but also to feel that it's still summer.

In a town called Karpacz, you can find a very confusing object, which can make you think that somehow you mastered the space-traveling spell. I'm talking about the wooden Wang church, which was brought to Karpacz in XIXth century, but originally is from... Norway!

Next object that you should definitely visit is the Chojnik Castle. It's not only the castle itself that is worth attention, but also rock formations in the slopes of the mountain, that you can climb!

Another stop should be at Szklarska Poręba, where majestic waterfall attract lots of people!

We skipped Wrocław (but since my little sister visited this city on her way back from Czech Republic, she filled our gaps :) ), but on our way to Kraków we stopped at Świdnica. Our main purpose was to find the famous Plague Column, which I'm interested in for my academical reasons. After that, we just wandered around a little bit and stopped at a small cukiernia to buy traditional delicacy - pączki (we have them in Lithuania too, but it's quite apparent that this doughnut-like sweet arrived here from Poland). 

In my next post I will introduce Kraków and the things that you can see there! Stay tuned!

Photos © Vincas Razma and Asta Skujytė-Razmienė