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10 Jul 2016

Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė 2016

Yesterday I visited one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania - Kernavė. My husband and I, we really wait for the Days of Live Archaeology that happen in this little town. I already have introduced you my yesterday's outfit that I completed with some small but meaningful details, inspired by Baltic culture. This post is all about the things you can see in this festival.

This year we witnessed (at last!) the bronze casting:

It's quite a long process, actually: while the bronze casters got ready for the casting (you need to melt brass, warm up the clay form for casting, etc.), we managed to visit other stands, to eat lunch and to see a medieval fights (see next pictures). But it was worth waiting! It was fun to witness how molten bronze turns into a solid casting of a brooch.

Medieval fights usually attract most of the attention. This year it was accompanied by the musicians, playing medieval tunes.
   There were many others things to see and hear: from the traditional Lithuanian folk songs sung by "VISI" ensamble, to sutartinės performed by "Trys keturiose". I poked my nose into one of the newly built wooden houses (in the rebuilt fortifications of Kernavė) to see how a woman is making boxes from birch barks; Vincas went to check out the pottery corner... It's just few things from a wast program of this year's festival.  

It was especially nice to return home, because we brought back a freshly made cheese, sweets and kvass - there always is a pretty big fair in the town! I had both my mind and belly filled with all sorts of goodness!