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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

10 Apr 2016

Week Roundup

Finally, spring is here! I can find no words to express how much I missed riding my bike and going for a longer walks with our dog - the need was immense! But the wait is over and I start to live again! 

Last Sunday I opened bike season and now I enjoy riding it to my work and studies. There is no better feeling than pedaling along the Neris shore to the center of the city! It's so nice to see that Vilnius is becoming more bicycle-friendly and there are more and more people who choose bike over car or public transport. 

Of course, when you move more, you start to crave for light food! This is how my breakfast usually looks like: a green smoothie and cakes. 

I also bought new shoes! These red beauties are from Puma and I'm really glad, that I got them only for 30 €! 

I put them on when I go to my work or studies...

...or to my workout
 (I change them into comfortable Nike shoes!)

This week, after looooong search I bought ideal sunglasses. I spent all my monthly budget dedicated for clothes and accessories on these beauties, but I think that it is worth it! 

This week I also participated in a conference about plants in Baltic mythology. I could have made presentation too, because my dissertation's object is quite close to this topic, but being overwhelmed with various kind of smaller and greater works I attended it as a listener and photographer. It was interesting to hear all those presentations and think that sometimes ideas do float in the air - people can work in different universities and still get very similar thoughts! It was nice to meet my colleagues and to chat with them during lunch breaks! It filled my head with various ideas and inspired me too!

Last but not least - I did spring-cleaned my wardrobe! Gosh, I have so many clothes and other stuff (and sometimes I still get that 'I don't have what to wear moments)! I put some warmer clothes and shoes in the boxes, took out and hanged the ones from the lighter fabrics, re-arranged my purses, handbags and other miscellaneous items and I think that for some time I can live in peace, not thinking about the state of my closet!