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21 Jan 2021

Skincare Routine. Current Favorites

January is drawing to an end and I thought that it is about time I share my current skincare routine and talk about my current favorites as it is apparently an annual tradition in this blog (previous posts here, here, here, and here). So, let's begin!

There has not been that many changes in my choices regarding the skincare products I use daily, compared with the last post on my morning routine. Well, I mean there's the Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturising Day Cream that I am completely happy with and have no plans to change with any other brand of cream soon. Than there's the PFC Derma Collagen Eye Zone Cream that I've bought sometime in summer last year and now using the last drops (you can clearly see that the bottle is far from new, with all the letters coming off...). I've also started using again Tonic with Fruit Acids that I find only at the University's Pharmacy. This is my No. 1 tonic that somehow newer made to this blog, so I am fixing this mistake now. If you live in Lithuania, I highly recommend to look for it. Yes, the packaging is not a fancy one, but I think it's the content that counts. And it does its job! The skin feels refreshed and clean, it has a really nice smell and I had no allergic reactions since I've discovered it some three years ago, if not more. Last but not the least from my loyal-but-never-mentioned-products list is the Eye cream by Sebocalm that I also buy at the mentioned pharmacy. It really moisturizes the skin around the eyes and it's just a very safe choice. It has more consistency than the PFC one that I am about to finish, the latter is almost gel type. I have also discovered this cream some years ago but never wrote about it here, although I've been using it constantly. 

However, that doesn't mean that I was not feeling adventurous with the skincare products and didn't want to try out anything new! As soon as L'Occitane informed me that my b-day discount is available, I had ordered a lovely hand cream from their Herbae line, as well as a tiny bottle of their anti-age oil Divine, which is really pleasant! Although I do not use oils, because my skin tends to not absorb them and leave my face all shiny, this one leaves no trace, but the skin looks fairer and more pleasant to touch. Probably I am going to invest in a larger bottle of this oil (they are a bit on the expensive side but, hey, once you pass thirty, the exceptions must be done). I've also bought a Face Cream with Collagen from the University's Pharmacy, because I've noticed how the quarantine and the lockdown is affecting my skin not in a good way, especially the lack of physical activity and fresh air. It is a thick cream so I use it as a mask couple times a week. 

One more thing that I've bought from L'Occitane are the Reusable Cleansing Cotton Pads. I've been thinking about the alternatives for the cotton pads that I've been using up until now. I saw some knitted ones, and hand sown ones, but the ones that L'Occitane has are, in my opinion, the best investment. They has this towel-like side to clean with and it's easy to wash them. I've been using them for a week now and I really like it. 

My last discovery is this Body Balm Olive Complex by Erbario Toscano. This balm has a lovely texture, its fragrance is very delicate, and although it is more suited for  dry skin type, it suits the needs of my skin really well. I especially like the dosing pump, because sometimes it's just a pure mess with the balms that are in tins, boxes, or tubes that you have to squeeze. Here it is all clean and hustle-free. 

So these are my current favorites in my skincare routine! I'll try to be more consistent and write about the products that I use more often to avoid these kind of long posts with never-ending lists... 
Have you tried any of these? Maybe you have something to recommend? Share your opinion in a comment!

Meanwhile, stay healthy, stay safe!

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