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31 Jan 2020

My Morning Routine: Skincare Edition

My search for the perfect skincare products continues, so this time I am introducing the current "residents" of my bathroom's shelf. Four bottles, three different brands, and the list of pros and (some) cons. Let's start!

Four years ago I did my first review of the products that I use on daily basis. I must say that during this time I experimented a lot and found some brands that I really like (Sebocalm and Anna Lotan being my favorites). I also discovered that pharmacies are the best place to buy most of my skincare products (my No.1 being University's Pharmacy). However, this time I'll be reviewing completely new items that found their way to my shelves due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. University's Pharmacy being closed on the day when I was in a dire need to restock my supplies). So, the four musketeers of today's post are:

- Hydrabio Sérum (Bioderma)

TBS's British Rose Petal-Soft Gel Toner is a really nice discovery, since I like their British Rose line a lot. It's gel-like texture with tiny pieces of rose petals is at first disturbing, but it really does its job and cleans as well as soothes the skin. The skin absorbs the toner easily, so you can immediately start putting the serum on. The only con that I could point out is that those bits of rose petals can stick to your skin, so beware!
After I finish this bottle, am I going to buy another one? Well, I like this product, but not that much. I think I'll stick to my all-time favorite Fruit Acid Toner that is distributed by the University's Pharmacy. 

Moving on, the second product is Hydrabio Sérum by Bioderma and it's already my second bottle! I like it's light texture and how quickly it is absorbed, and I noticed that with this serum my skin stays hydrated for a longer time. Since my skin is normal but sometimes can react to certain skincare products, I am glad that I've found this one, which triggers no allergic reactions . There are no cons that I would like to point out, so I am definitely going to buy this product in the future. 

As I was joking to my husband, even the smell of Aqualia Thermal Light Cream by Vichy is posh. This is a cream that's a little bit above my monthly budget (it's around 23 € in Lithuania), but since I got it as a Christmas gift, I was very happy to try it out. 
This cream is for normal/mixed skin, with mineral salts and Hyaluronic Acid. It supposed to intensely hydrate your skin, make it look fresh and "dewy". And, actually, it is true. Even in the evening, I feel that my skin is still moist, crispy-fresh. I am not sure about the "dewy" part, but all in all, I really like the product. Was it less costly, I would buy it monthly, but I guess that I'll have to stick to my usual choice - "Sebocalm". 

Last, but far from the least is this small bottle of Aloe Soothing Eye & Lip Contour Care from The Body Shop. It has a little pump, so it's a very nice feature that helps you dose your cream evenly and not overuse it. Only a little dab is necessary to hydrate skin under your eyes. It's texture is light, after applying it gives this nice cooling effect. It's a really good combo with the Vichy cream, so definitely one of my favorite products. I am not sure if I am going to replace my usual go-to eye cream with this one, but it got me thinking. No cons, only praise!

All in all, these four were quite a pleasant discovery in my now stabilized skincare routine. Probably I am going to stick to couple of them for a longer time, the other two were a nice deviation. I hope that in the future I'll be able to do another review with my (current) all-time favorites! Stay tuned!

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