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2 Jan 2021

Witcherbounding: Ursine Armour

Although CD Projekt Red, a Polish game developing and publishing company lately has been attracting most of the media attention due to an underwhelming (to put it mildly) release of "Cyberpunk 2077" game, they were also the ones to grace us with such games as "The Witcher" trilogy. Being a complete fan of the video game series, and currently playing the "Blood and Wine" expansion, I decided to pay an homage to "The Witcher III: Wild Hunt" and recreate Geralt's iconic armours, using the contents of my closet. As this winter we are blessed with copious amounts of snow (compared with the last one), I decided to start with Ursine armour that I strongly associate with Skellige Isles. 

The whole idea of the Witcherbounding came after stumbling across the phenomenon of Dysneybounding, where people interpret the outfits of Dysney characters and incorporate colours, silhouettes,  and other specific elements into their everyday looks. After a quick revision of my closet, I decided to go with Enhanced Ursine Armour, because it has quite a few layers and this is what I consider appropriate for a long walks in the woods.

The three main colours in Enhanced Ursine Armour are (dirty) grey, brown and moss green. They are layered, so I also attempted to repeat this same order. Although I had to omit the brown leather vest, because I do not posses such a thing, and buying one just for this project seemed a bit unreasonable. So, I chose to wear this old Lindex wool coat, a vintage wool skirt, a pair of thrifted knee-high lace-up brown leather boots, a pair of black leather gloves from H&M, and a Lindex kintted scarf that resembles the pattern of a chainmail.

Underneath I wore a sweater that also resembles chainmail, as well as a wide thrifted vintage belt (because belts are an important part of every ensemble that Geralt wears in the games and this one has a round metal buckle, similar to decorations on his vest). Let's not forget the Wolf medallion, that is always sensing some magic nearby (*inhales and whispers: "Medallion's humming, place of power... gotta be."*). 

Although invisible in the pictures, I also wore a splash of perfume, Amouage Epic, to be more precise. This is one woody and spicy scent, I would even say green, very suitable for winter and complimenting the outfit perfectly. 

All in all, it was fun to piece together the outfit and, surprisingly, even with the longer skirt it was very comfortable to roam the woods!.. Long boots really protect the legs from snow and cold, so 10/10 would recommend. 

Stay safe and see you in my next post!

P.S. This is my second photoshoot with this outfit, because I didn't feel too happy with the quality of the photos from my phone, so I took a trusty DSLR camera to the woods. 

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