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12 Jan 2021

Fragrance Discoveries | Gentlewoman by Juliette Has a Gun

I have to admit that Gentlewoman, a fragrance by Juliette Has a Gun was a total shot in the dark. I was intrigued by the title, especially after binge-watching the first season of Gentleman Jack, so led by my curiosity and intuition, I decided to purchase this blue bottle. 

Gentlewoman is a statement (but almost all of the fragrances in my collection are). It is a bold, teasing fragrance, where the top notes (neroli, bitter orange blossom, and bergamote) dull your senses with their sweetness, so the base notes (woody, musky) can deliver their powerful blow unexpectedly. It is quite citrusy, but lavender and almond (some of the middle notes) dulls the spikiness of neroli, bergamot, and orange, so it becomes like a cashmere shawl, smooth and tamed. But, again, it is deceiving, because there's this firmness underneath that signals of confidence and standing up for one's beliefs. 

At its heart, it is a classical cologne, but at this same time it is a softer, more delicate version of it. It is a scent that gives a confidence boost, that signals that you are not the one to mess around and came to get the business done. And it is the secret weapon of a gentlewoman. 

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