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1 Feb 2016

My Morning Rituals

Good shower, pampered skin and glass of water are the three most important things to me in the morning. This time I want to introduce four facial care products that I use (with just one exception) every morning. 

I wanted to write this post for some time, but just now I found some time to take pictures of the products that I use. So, without further ado, I intorduce my aides quotidiennes: No. 1 -Purifying Facial Scrub from Nutriance; No. 2 - Refreshing Tonic from Margarita; No. 3 - moisturising day cream from Ziaja; No. 4 - Eye Cream from Uoga Uoga

Smells nice, does its job perfectly - what could I want more?
Once a week I use this scrub to get rid of all the dead cells on my face. It works like a charm! My skin becomes smooth, fresh and even glows a little bit. I like its natural smell (reminds me of freshly cut grass and flowers) and the roughness of this scrub's particles - when using it you can really feel that it does its job. 
One of the few Lithuanian products that I use 
Before I apply my cream, I use this tonic to refresh my face. It's fresh and light, it dries quickly - I couldn't want more from a product that costs less than 3 €. Margarita's products are inexpensive, but they do their job. During the winter, I like to use their cream with beeswax (because it really keeps your skin from drying out), but this winter was quite mild, so I made through it with L'Oreal creams. 

This is my discovery of the month!
This cream with goat's milk from Ziaja is a gift from my friend. Well all I can say is that I'm fascinated by it! It smells wonderfully, it is light, my skin absorbs it quickly and there is no trace of unwanted greasy feeling after applying it. My skin stays moist (but not too much) all day long. I know that I'm going to buy another one after I finish this!

Cute and natural
Uoga Uoga is (I guess) the pioneer of natural Lithuanian cosmetics. I do like their products, because they are really good and the price is not too big. Before this eye cream I used this one, and what can I say - the latter I liked more. Akys kaip kokosai (Look Coco) is an oil based eye cream, which takes more time for skin to absorb. When you take it on your finger and put it on the skin around your eyes, it's hard to see how much you are applying, and that's how I ended up with oily circles around my eyes during the first time when I was using it. It smells like coconut, but maybe that's the only thing I like about it. Next time, I am sure, I'll buy Žalioji gaiva eye cream. Although its smell is (unfortunately) far from pleasant, it dries quickly, moisturizes that sensitive skin around eyes and feels fresh.

These are the products that I include in my morning routine. 
What are yours? Do you have your morning rituals?