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20 Jan 2016

Three Products from The Body Shop: A Review

January is now known as the sales month (a consultant in one shop even told me that I'm so lucky to be born on sale's month. Yup, my parents planned me just because of that) and why not to dive into the shops to see what kind of goodies you can buy at least for half-price. One of my must-visit spots during the sale is "The Body Shop". I really like their products, but my dear god, they are so pricey here in LT! When I was in Scotland, I ravaged one of TBS's there, because everything was a lot cheaper! So, when sale comes, it's the right time to hit this store. 


One of the (many) things I like is perfume. I'm loyal to Gucci "Flora" aroma from my early student years, but lately I felt a need to try out something new. Something that wouldn't be overpriced and have a good quality (I do admint that it sounds like an oxymoron). During one of my meetings with my sister, I saw that "The Body Shop" is presenting new lines of perfume, so one of these aromas - "Japanese Cherry Blossom" was quickly bought. And it was the perfect choice for the late spring and early summer. But during the winter one wants something heavier, more musky, so I started to think about getting one of those "womanly" perfumes myself. To my surprise, TBS just released new line of musk perfumes that varies from quite heavy to very light, that suited me perfectly. So I decided to give it a shot. Well, it's already two weeks when I'm using this aroma and what I can say - I really like it! I spray less this EDT when I go to work, more - when I go out in the evening. Since it has some flower notes, it blends perfectly with all sorts of occasions. I guess that when I'll finish this bottle, I'll go buy another one.

Small bottle that can fit everywhere

The truth is - I'm addicted to body butters. I have now four of them. Two from "The Body Shop", another two from fantastic French company called "Le Petit Marseillais" (this one and this one). During my last visit to TBS I had no intention to buy another body butter, but when I saw that the one from the "Japanese Cherry Blossom" line is on sale, I couldn't say no. 

Unexpected purchase
 It's texture is light and the skin absorbs it quickly. The smell is fresh and reminds of (upcomming) spring.

Light, nicely absorbed, leaves no trace

I'm saving it for spring/summer, to use together with my "Japanese Cherry Blossom" EDT. 

The cheerful duo
 Lipstick is a thing that I just recently discovered. It's like I knew about it's existence, but I never had enough guts to try it out, afraid that this might happen. But last year I decided that it's now or never, so at this moment there are 8 lipsticks on my bathroom shelf. The colors varies from nude to alarming shade of red. The thing is that some of those lipsticks tend to dissapear few minutes after I apply them, so I even bought a lip primer from H&M, but it does no good. So the most unexpected thing that I found during my visit to TBS was this Lip and Cheek Stain.

Even more unexpected purchase
 It's function is, I guess it's pretty clear, to make your cheeks or lips look more lively than they are. When using lipstick, first you apply this baby. According to a consultant who introduced this thing to me, this liquid stain acts like a base and doesn't rub off hours after application, stays right where it belongs no matter what you do. And, guys, it's true! I tried it and even when there was no sign of my lipstick, this base was still on my lips! Pretty nifty thing, a real Good Guy Greg of cosmetics.

To use an applicator is a new challenge to me

It's color reminds blood, but you can control the shade when applying the stain

So these are my latest catches in cosmetics! 
How about you? Are you hunting good sales? Let me know!