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18 Jan 2016

Back to the 2015: Summer Moments

I don't want to sound like a hipster, but I do like film photography. It just reminds me of my childhood so much: my dad was usually carrying around his "Zenit TTL" camera and taking photos of me and my sister. So I was more than happy when he told me that one day he will give this camera to me. 

This day arrived and, boy, I am using this camera! Usually I like to shoot with it during the summer, because I like how the film captures all those shades and sunlight. Winters in Lithuania tend to be quite murky during the last years, so I take my "Zenit" outside when it's really woth it. 
   My dad cherished this camera (he bought it somewhere around 1986, and payed for it about 220 rubles (it was a large sum for those times!), so me and my sister were not alowed to play with it!) and I also have an emotional attachment to it, because this camera captured my first days in this world (and later - my sisters). 
   I usually use "Fujifilm" color film and... that's all. I just grab my camera and start taking photos!
   These are few moments captured in my latest photo film. I took them when kayaking with my friends in Ūla river. Other ones are from the Baltic music and culture festival "Mėnuo juodaragis".

Are you a fan of film photography? Share your thoughts!