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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

15 Jan 2016

My Workspace

For two years I worked in a project and spent great deal of time in our flat, sometimes not setting my foot outside for 24 and more hours. During this time I started forming my workspace, searching for the most optimal solution in our quite small flat. 

At first, I had this small table in a corner of our bedroom and I really liked it! It was cozy and optimistic enviroment, and there I wrote both my undergraduate and master thesis. So, you know, all sorts of memories...
   After I got into my PhD studies, I understood that I am no longer content with the way the things are, that I need something fresh, less romantic and with a drawer where I could put all my notebooks, pencils, etc. So, IKEA to the rescue! 
   We got this table and after few hours of making clear which screw goes where, we put everything to rightful places. Half of the table (with a drawer unit that I envy the most!!!) belongs to my husband and the other half - to me. You can see which side belongs to who:

Although it doesn't look like that, it's quite spacious and I have enough room for a work which involves only computer and some notes. But if I need to write a book review, you can imagine how messy it gets with all the books and notes laying around...

My current workspace at our home
One of the things that I like the most having on my desk are flowers. Last week was my birthday so I still have this incredible bouquet made by my super talented friend Diana. There even are some cotton among all those roses and dianthus!

Last year a Christmas present from my mom was a calendar with photos of me and Vincas. I hung it by the desk and got so used to using it, that this year I bought this incredibly funny calendar, illustrated by one of my favorite cartoonists Gemma Correll. This one is dog themed and has lots of fun drawings and jokes in it. A perfect gift for a dog lover!

A calendar by Gemma Correll
I already filled up this calendar with the events and meetings that await me. I can't complain of my memory yet, but sometimes I tend to forget things. That's why for the past six or seven years I rely entirely on planners. This year mine's from here, created by stylist Agnė Gilytė.

My planner
Lip balm is a thing that I constantly need, because winter does no good for my lips. Now I'm trying this one from "Kvapų namai" and I hope to write a review about it soon!

This lip balm became a resident in my workspace

The usual background when I'm working is all sorts of sounds that my dog makes. The cat is either sleeping on my knees or in her majestic hideout.

"Hooman, I need you attention!!!"

These are another few elements, essential to my ideal workspace - a cork board and sticky notes. Lots of them.

This advice never goes old!

In what kind of enviroment you like/want/prefer to work? Share your thoughts!