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19 Jan 2016

Bring it On, Cold!

How to know when you are a grown-up person? When you value your comfort and health more than how do you look. Especially, when it's cold outside. 

Coat - ZARA/ Sweater - VERO MODA/ Shirt - NEW YORKER/
Jeans - MARKS & SPENCER/ Shoes - BATŲ KALNAS/ Hat - H&M

If there's a term to define one who loves coats - I would like to know it, because I am a real "coat person". But there are two problems with coats: No. 1 - I'm alergic to wool (*starts sobbing quietly in a corner*). No. 2 - the combination of coat that would look nice and could withstand Lithuanian winters is hard to come by. So what's left is a cozy, warm jacket. But there's a third problem - I really hate jackets, especially the ones that look like this, because when you aren't size XS or S, it makes you look like a caterpillar (I usually imagine this one). And, as a rule, these jackets are the warmest among all. So guess who has been freezing for the past few years, wrapped in layers of sweaters and scarves. That's right, my friends. But (hallelujah!) my suffering is over, because I have found a perfect jacket. It is even more parka than a jacket. And a very warm one. 

Backpack - DAVID JONES
Another thing that I rediscovered recently - a comfort of having a backpack. No more aching shoulders! And you have both free hands! Fashion, I do love you now!


How are you fighting against the cold? Share your thoughts!