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24 Jan 2016

Slipknot European Tour: Vilnius 2016-01-23

As a teenager you can experience lots of things, especially if you want to be a little bit different. By saying different, I mean belonging to the underground culture, listening to metal bands and dressing pretty much only in black. Now imagine this happening in a small village in Eastern European country and you can easily predict what kind of reaction you can expect from the locals. I am not theorizing this, I experienced it all myself. And the only bastion where I could hide from the society was music - from all sorts of punk rock to death metal. So you can imagine what it means to see your idols performing on stage live. That happened to me, yesterday, in "Slipknot" concert. 

I guess that most people experience various "phases" during their teenage years. Ones pass quickly, other ones stay for much longer. Or even forever. Few days ago I was telling my friends, that once you are a into metal, it becomes a part of who you are. It is true! Even now, when I listen to all kinds of music, if I hear a heavier song on my playlist in "Spotify" or just randomly listening to "Classic Rock FM" something inside just clicks. So imagine how many "clicking" was last night, when I heard "Duality", "Psychosocial",  "Dead Memories" or "Spit It Out"... I don't know how to describe this feeling - it's... magical? 

Year 2006. This was my profile picture for a long time (for scarying the guys off, obviously). How did I managed to get a boyfriend after two years? Don't ask me, I haven't got a clue. 

If almost 11 years ago (oh God, I am getting old too fast...) somebody would have told me that someday I would see "Slipknot" performing live, I'd probably kicked that person. When I saw a poster in bus stop last year, I was thinking, that maybe it's an illusion. But pretty soon I got a message from my friend, who asked told me that we are going. Soon my sister joined and yesterday, all three of us were standing among other people and waiting to see "Slipknot" with our very own eyes!

"Suicidal Tendencies" was the warm-up band and they did it pretty well. All I can say is:

But all three of us survived it, with minor accidents (hair soaked with beer, shoes dirty and ribs poked with neighbour's elbows...).  

All the random noises behind this curtain got fans even more thrilled

When "Slipknot" appeared on the stage, the two first songs were hell on Earth, really. The first twenty rows (I'm counting approximately, because we were standing) became one sea of waving hands and, very quickly, a huge mosh pit. We survived this too.

I know that my phone takes photos rather crappy, but it's all about emotion (*cough cough*)

So there it is. It's still hard to believe, but it's definately a performance of the year to me (unless there will be a miracle and "Florence and the Machine" will come to Lithuania. Yes, I know that this is a huge contrast between these two bands, but I said that now I listen to various music, and each of them represents a particular period of my life). 

What bands are you listening to? Share it with me!

Photos  © Asta Skujytė, Paulė Gaižutytė, Laura Skujytė