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17 Mar 2016

What I've Been Up to Lately

For the past two weeks I've been trying to keep up with my work and studies, so, basically, there was almost nothing worth sharing (some quotidien snippets you probably saw on my Instagram). As I say almost, I want to exclude the last Friday and weekend, because those three days was quite something extraordinary!

March 11th is an important day in Lithuania - 26 years ago, we regained our independence from collapsing USSR, and re-established state of Lithuania. So, as you can see, it was pretty much not that long ago. 

Lithuanian flag on a top of Pašulniškės hillfort
 To commemorate this day me and Vincas joined our friends and we gathered on the top of Pašulniškės hillfort. Songs, warm and inspiring words, hot soup and sharing your ideas with others - it's hard to believe that twenty six years ago you could be punished for expressing your mind freely...

The top of the hillfort
Since the rain didn't stop, we got a little bit drenched (that's what you get when you decide to spend your day outside) and guess who has runny nose and aching throat again? Yup, that's right!..

Gathering for the afternoon event
On Sunday, together with friends we went to Niūronys where Horse Museum is located. There we participated in educational event about Lithuanian partisans (if you don't know about our fights for independence, you can read more here).

Plenty of simple, but incredibly tasty food!
We dinned and after that we were joined by a partisan who told about the battles, victories and (mostly) losses that happened near Anykščiai.

A local "partisan" joined us after our dinner
After we got our bellies filled with food and heads with stories, we walked to the edge of forest to find a recreated bunker - a copy of those that were used by real partisans.

An entrance into the bunker
Inside the bunker
Since our company is quite fond of legendary places, on our way back to Vilnius we visited Juodoniai hillfort.

On the slope of Juodoniai hillfort
A raven in the sky
Next to it is the Valiulis mound which, after little searching, we were able to find!

Valiulis mound
Excursion is over, time to go back!
Sunday was the first sunny day after almost two weeks of continuous fog and mist. I miss the sun so much!

P.S. I got to see some horses in the museum so my happiness level was over nine thousand!.. 

P.P.S. On Saturday I went to see Zootopia in cinema! I liked it a lot, so if you don't have any plans for the approaching weekend - go and see it!

A horse!!!