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2 Mar 2016

Natural Cosmetics: From Face Cream to Lip Gloss

Cosmetics being an important part of my daily routine, I decided to gather all my beauty products that are labeled as "eco", "natural" and give them a closer look. 

I must say that ecological cosmetics is getting more and more popular in Lithuania. More people are interested in using it, so it's natural that there are more of those who make it. This time I want to review few products from three different makers: Uoga uoga, Aromata mirabilia (a.k.a. Kvapų namai) and Kupa

Products from Uoga Uoga
I have already talked about the eye cream Akys kaip kokosai (Look Coco) in here. So now I have two new products to introduce!
I bought another eye cream called Žalioji gaiva (Green Refreshment). The first time I tried it was year ago and I liked everything about this product but its smell. However, since it really worked and the skin under my eyes was indeed refreshed, I decided to cope with its far from pleasant aroma. After opening this new bottle and applying it, I was quite surprised that the smell that irritated me so much was... gone! It is more neutral now, grassy, vegetable-y - yes - but no more of that strange, old organic material like tang. I don't know if it's just this bottle or the makers changed something in this cream's formula, but this product is now pleasing in all ways. 
Until few weeks ago, I didn't had a chance to try out organic make-up products. When one of the shopping malls was giving a discount for Uoga Uoga production, I decided to give it a try and chose a lip gloss called Braškinis Briedis (Strawberry Moose). 

Braškinis briedis lip gloss
I quite like it! It's texture is smooth, it smells like strawberries with a hint of other forest berries, it gives this darker shade to your lips when applied. 

It's dark, it smells of strawberries and is not too sticky! Hooray!
Since I have short hair, I don't know if longer hair would stick to it, but for me this lip gloss is not too sticky and, moreover, it moistens the skin of my lips! Could I want more? Well, maybe it would be nice if it stayed longer, because after each meal or glass of drink you'll have to apply it again. 

Awesomely nice duo
These two products from Aromata Mirabilia was given to me as a birthday gift and, according to Lithuanian custom, I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, buuut they are too good to be left out!
The one that I use every day is this lip balm with camomile. One of the (many) things that I like about this balm is that you don't need much of it to moisten your lips. I just dab my finger and apply it in a very thin layer. Various oils melt pretty quickly and cover my lips in this soft and shiny bliss. I keep this balm on the box in my workplace and use it daily. 
The other one is the Apricot Nourish & Protect Hand Balm. This guy is a bomb! I use it once a week or when I feel that my hands became too rough. My skin absorbs it very slowly, so it's about 15-20 minutes of sitting still and doing nothing. So, maybe it's a little bit too oily. However the scent is sweet and full of apricot notes, so it becomes an aromatherapy seance also. 

Face Cream from Kupa
The last one is this face cream is from Kupa and is made from beeswax and olive oil. I haven't tried it for longer period but what I can say for now is that it's interesting. It smells of olive oil mostly, but the scent disappears after few moments. My skin absorbs it quickly, but after that there's no feeling that it was sufficiently moisturized. Maybe I need to apply more of it or perhaps that's how the things should be with this cream. I have mixed feelings about this product but I can't doubt about it being natural - it's made only from two things - beeswax and olive oil. 

   What kind of natural cosmetics do you use? Share with me!


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