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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

19 Mar 2016

Khaki Saturday

After tasty Saturday brunch with my sister, we headed to the National Gallery of Art  to quench our thirst for fine art. After all the commotion that ended together with the immensely popular exhibition of works by Šarūnas Sauka, the gallery was now again quiet and quite calm.

Shirt - NEW YORKER | Jeans - SH SHOP | Shoes - DEICHMANN | Handbag - SH SHOP

I decided to introduce some lighter fabrics into my outfit today (even though it was -6 C in the morning...) and put on these khaki shirt from New Yorker, that I found on sale (it kind of reminded me traditional Russian shirt, so in my mind I secretly named this shirt Ivan). 
   These shoes from Deichmann are the best spontaneous purchase ever! I bought them last autumn. Though made not from real leather, they are comfortable and I wear them very often. I hope they will last long!
   Two other things (jeans and handbag) I found in the second hand shops near my home. Altogether they costed me about 12 € and this I consider to be a wise investment, because the bag is new and combines two trendy colors (black and dusty rose), and these jeans can be modified (like ripped somewhere) freely, because they were very cheap. 
   Today's outfit was very comfortable and I think that I'll pair these clothes for some time!

How's your Saturday? What are you craving for? 

Foto © Laura Skujytė