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5 May 2021

Visiting Vyžulioniai (Vyžulėnai) Manor Estate

Lithuania is full of manors that I am eager to explore. Some of them are in ruins, others are coming back to life with intensive care and attention of their new owners. Of course, there are those "in between" - abandoned and neglected they start to loose their splendor and attract all sorts of guests. Today I took my spouse by the hand, done my (very recently made) historical costume, and we went to explore Vyžulioniai (or Vyžulėnai) manor that is situated just around 40 km from Vilnius. 

Although some mentions of a manor in Vyžulioniai can be found in documents dating from 1615, the current main building of the estate dates back only to 1906-1907. From the beginning of the XIXth century, the estate belonged to the family of Wróblewski. Bronisław Wróblewski, a professor at Stefan Batory University (former name of Vilnius University) was the one who commissioned the construction of the new structure [1]. The manor was nationalized in 1940, later it was turned into a tuberculosis hospital that functioned until 2003. Although the manor has new owners (who installed video surveillance cameras and hung up signs prohibiting to enter), it stands abandoned and neglected.

The project of the park was set in motion in 1913-1914. According to various sources, there were lots of valuable and rare trees, e.g. upright or pyramid oaks (Quercus robur), European larches (Larix decidua var. polonica), a large walnut tree, etc. [2]. Currently all the surroundings are as neglected as the rest of the manor, but behind the main building there is a wonderful tree lane that just looks like straight out of a fairy tale! I tried to channel my inner Mary Lennox from "The Secret Garden" as well as Anne Shirley from the Green Gables, because the views and the bright spring sunshine just makes you want to run and spin with joy!

It was so pleasant to take a walk along the lane, to hear all those birds singing and merrily chirping. As the spring is so reluctant to come and share its warmth, every sunny day counts!
   Maybe I should write something about my 1890s ensemble too. I bought these woolen fabrics in February, but just recently I got a chance to sit down and stich everything (the patterns, like always, are from The Black Snail Patterns). Looking at these photos I cannot stop wandering how things can change in a year! It seems that just yesterday I went to the Republic of Paulava wearing 1900s inspired modern outfit, and look at me now, in a proper 1890s corset and wearing this handmade woolen suit! Feeling really proud of myself!

I do hope that the spring finally is going to reward us with some nice and sunny days, because I do want to visit more of these forgotten historical places and take you along on these short adventures!

Stay safe and see you in my next post!

Photos © Aesthastic

[1] Veronika Žvirblė "Theoretical Analysis of the Specificity of Interior Decor Details at Vyžulioniai Manor Estate (Vilnius Region)", MA Thesis, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius: 2019
[2] Bronius Kvyklys, "Vyžulionys"//"Mūsų Lietuva", Vilnius: 1989