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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

6 Jun 2021


It's finally summer! As the heat caught us off guard (it's been a very VERY rainy and cool May, and suddenly - it's plus 24 C and more!), the best thing to do was... to escape the city. Lush meadows, cool shade of green forests seemed like the perfect idea, so this Sunday the road took me to Bradeliškės Mound, where nature meets history.

To reach Bradeliškės Mound or Pakilta hillfort takes around 40 minutes from Vilnius by a car. It's around 15-16 meters high, there's a rivulet Dūkšta that flows at it's base. When you climb to the top of the mound, you might notice that just few hundred meters away there is another one, much larger hillfort, called Buivydai Mound/Hillfort. Both of these hillforts as well as many other ones in ancient times were part of Kernavė (former capital of Lithuania) and Vilnius fortification systems. If the information on Wikipedia is correct, Bradeliškės Mound was inhabited from 1000 BC untill XIV century. Currently, it is a perfect place for walks, as well as part of a hiking trail of a longer (5 km) route. 

Today I was extra happy not only because I've got to visit such a refreshing place, but also because I could finally take out my latest creation, a linen dress in mustard colour, for a spin! I am in love with the creations of Son de Flor, but there's just no way that I could afford their dress so I decided to make one myself. I found perfect mustard linen for 15 € (it was on sale, because there were only 2,5 meters left), I bough a Simplicity pattern for 5 € on Etsy and couple of weeks later (I had only the evenings for sewing and hand stitching) dress was ready. It was perfect for such weather, and I am sure that I'll make more of this kind of dresses for myself in the future.

As my vacations are approaching, stay tuned for more sewing adventures. All I can say, sewing is addictive! 

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