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12 Apr 2021

What I've Been Up to Lately

... and just in the blink of an eye, the month of March was over!.. As we're currently nearing the midpoint of April, I think it would only be decent to update what I've been doing recently (well, more like for the past month and a half, but shhhh...), what projects am I on and what are my plans for the second half of the spring.

One (and probably the main) reason why I have abandoned my blog for the past month was (and still is)... work (I know, so original). Although for the past years I've been talking about keeping that work-life balance in check, this ongoing pandemic messed up my schedule quite a lot. When your work desk is at home, sometimes you just forget that your workday has certain hours. Especially if you are a scholar, the line between work and lifestyle tends to get pretty thin. Sometimes so thin, that you catch yourself doing "work things" on the weekend or during your vacation. And God help you, if you are working on several projects/articles/whatnot at this same time... I can't wait when I can go back to my workplace, to have this "this ir my work time" and "this is my leisure time" separated once again. 

On the side note, one thing that this pandemic did well is that it made more people aware of the possibilities of the internet, and I had and still have multiple occasions to attend various events online. Although most of them are usually lectures, there are plenty of concerts, book release events, etc. to attend. 

More than a week ago we also celebrated Easter. It was our second "solo" Easter during the pandemic so we kind of knew what to expect and how to do things. However, I have noticed that this year we've done most of the preparations both with ease and... weariness. There was this fatigue that dulled the festive mood and, fingers crossed, the Easter of 2022 we'll have with our families, the way that we used to do in ye olde times. 

On those very (very) rare occasions when I've ventured outside (mostly for the quick errands or a necessary trip to the fabric store), I felt like I am a tourist in my own city - I can't remember when it was the last time when I was in the city center or went for a walk in some other place than the woods behind our block of flats. I've been consciously avoiding all the places that might be (over)crowded (especially now, when the spring is upon us), so that leaves me with not so many spots that can be safe to go to (particularly now when the cases are on the rise once again in Lithuania). However the season of gardening is also beginning, so going to our tiny garden is a really lovely escape plan.

Speaking about garden, I've already planted some seeds and they've started sprouting! My goal this year is to plant various vegetables, because I really loved that last year I had a variety of tomatoes, cabbages, radishes, etc. 

Lastly, I've been planning a new sewing project that I hope that I will be able to complete and share with you by the end of April. It is a replica of a vintage garment that (if done right) should be a lovely addition to my wardrobe!

Meanwhile, I'll try to catch up on some readings, as well as enjoy the longer and brighter days of spring! 

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