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24 May 2020

Empties Pt. 2

Once again I have accumulated a small batch of empty bottles, containers, tubes, and other kinds of vessels, whose contents I've used previously this year (well, some of them are from the last year and I saved them exactly for the sake of this post. This girl's a  bit of a hoarder, you know...). So, these are the skincare or beauty products that I put into use so quickly that I even forgot to write about after purchasing. But were they yay or nay

If you look at my first post on empties from... two years ago (*gasps loudly*), you'll see that this one (with few minor exceptions) features the same brands - The Body Shop, L'Occitane, Rituals. It's just that I like them, and using their products for some years now, I know what suits my skin type. But let's start with products for face.

These are two face creams that I've squeezed and scraped out untill the last drop. The first one is from L'erbolario - Face Cream for Normal and Dry Skin with Hyaluronic Acid. If you read my blog for a longer time, you might have noticed my addiction to L'erobolario's products. I used it quite a long time ago, so I cannot remember clearly it's texture, but I remember that the skin absorbed it really quickly and after it had a very smooth feeling. So it's a yay
   Next to it is a purchase from a pharmacy during the quarantine, the Radiance C+ Cream by PFC. It's not the first time when I used a product from this Spanish company, but after I finished this cream, I can say that I like their Pure Oxygen Cream much more. This one was a little bit too thick and too heavy in its consistency, at least I really had to wait before applying base for make up, because it took some time to be absorbed. Although my skin felt pleasantly moist during the day, I am not sure about buying this cream once again, unless I will be in a desperate need of a new face cream and this will be the only option in the store. So, all in all, I tried it, but I think that I'll stick to the one of my recent discoveries - Aqualia Thermal Light Cream by Vichy (I wrote about it here). That means that the cream gets a nay (sorry). 

Moving on, the next two products were for face and hair. The first one, The Body Shop's British Rose Petal-Soft Gel Toner left me with mixed feelings at the beginning of its use (more on it - here), and they haven't changed even after I finished it. Because of these floating rose petal pieces in the tonic (although I adore the British Rose line's products) and their habit of sticking on the skin, I think this product is more on the nay side for me. 
   The hair product is a Restructuring and Protective Fluid Macassar from Naturalmente (apparently they changed its packaging and at first it got me confused), and it was my second, if not third bottle of this magical liquid. I buy it from my hairdresser, since she has some A grade stuff, and I just... cannot live without it. What it does, it makes your hair smooth, but does not flatten it how some other fluids/hair oils do. It also protects your hear from the heat of the hairdryer. This fluid already has all of my sympathies, so it's a yay without a question.  

Let's look at the body creams, and there are four of them. I can say in advance, I loved them and used them all to the last bits that I scarped off the bottom of each box. So, from left to right - Shea Delightful Tea Ultra Light Body Cream from L'Occitane (I am not sure if it is still available in Lithuania, since it was kind of limited edition, as I remember...), The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream by Rituals (I got it as a birthday gift in a cute little gift kit), and two creams from TBS - British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter (my No.1 body cream since 2016) and English Dawn Gardenia Body Cream (amazing scent, sadly, as I understood it's no longer available in my country's TBS's). There's no doubt that I am buying these body creams again, once I'm out of it (currently I'm using Shea Nourishing Body Butter).

Last, but far from the least, are two beauty products: Fresh Nude Foundation (012 Bora Bora Tiare Shade) from TBS and Cherry Blossom Lip Balm from L'Occitane. Both of them are among my all time favorites of beauty products. This is my second Fresh Nude Foundation bottle and I am currently using a third one (I stated my arguments on why it is awesome here). Same goes for the lip balm, it was my second tube in a row. I liked it because it didn't dry quickly and my lips were moist for quite a long time, there was no need to constantly reapply it, as sometimes happens with other lip balms. So both of them are also a big and loud yay

So, these were the products that I've used and enjoyed (mostly) or struggled while using (couple of cases). Have you tried some (or maybe all) of them? What are your opinions?

Stay safe!

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