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28 May 2020

In Pursuit of Culture

Sitting at home is all cozy and nice, but since the quarantine restrictions are eased (at least here in Lithuania) and the situation is more or less under control, today me and my husband decided to visit an exhibition at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and to brighten our morning.

We went to see the exhibition called From Sacro to Profano. The Giorgio Baratti Art Collection From Milan, where you can see various paintings by Italian artists from the late 14th to the mid-18th century. As I am a big fan of art galleries and museums, it was a real treat (sneak peak here)! Of course, there were more examples on the sacro part, but some lovely still lifes waited for us at the end of the exhibition, so it almost outweighed the overwhelming quantity of the religious art. 
Of course, I didn't miss a chance to take a few pictures in the yard of the palace, since on a sunny day it gave this very Italian feeling, and since our vacation this year for sure will be limited to our own country (fingers crossed for us to have any vacation at all, regarding the current events with the virus...), one must register and enjoy all the things.

Afterwards, we decided to eat some gelato in a nearby cafe, and slowly ride back home to do some work. On our way back I noticed red horse-chestnut in bloom, which was a very lovely finale of our outing.

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