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29 Jul 2018

Empties Pt. 1

When empty bottles and other containers started to take more space in the shelves of my bathroom than those with some sort of substance still in them, I begun to wonder is it about time for me to clean up and to do my first blogpost on empties.

I have to admit that I'm one of those empty tin, jar, and bottle hoarders, who throws out everything after many (and I really mean MANY) gentle remarks from their S.O. After looking through all of my (now empty) possessions, I saw that what I have the most are hand cream tubes that I've used on daily basis and somehow forgot to write about. As you see, they all are squeezed till the last drop, so you can imagine that all of them scored quite well in my personal rankings.

No. 1 is The Body Shop Hemp Hard-Working Hand Protector, that I bought long long time ago. I remember that it was already winter and I was desperate for something that would help to protect my hands from drying out. Well, this baby worked 100 % and since it's intense and thick, the cream lasts long. I really liked that it has neutral scent, so when I was looking for a Christmas present for my dad, this hemp hand cream was my first choice (and my dad really likes it!). So 10/10

No. 2 RITUALS Happy Hands Hydrating Hand Lotion. It's light, smells nice, and is quickly absorbed. I used it before going to bed, so I usually put a thicker layer on my hands for a better effect. recreating mandarin aroma is quite problematic, so this hand cream was more like fresh flowers-fruits than that distinct scent of mint and mandarin. But I liked it nevertheless. 8/10

No. 3 L´Occitane Rose Shea Hugs And Kisses collection hand cream. I liked this tiny tube a lot! It's light texture makes it easy to absorb, so you don't have to wait long after applying it on your hands. The only drawback of this hand cream is that hands stay hydrated not for that long, so you have to reapply the cream from time to time. But all in all, it's one of my all time favorites! 9/10.

No. 4 Arlésienne Velvet Hand Cream, the king of my cosmetic bag. It really makes your hands feel like velvet, so it's not a false advertising. Delicate aroma of  rose, sweet violet, and saffron is what I really liked about this cream, besides its light texture that makes it a perfect companion for the summer. Same as with the case of previous product, it is easily absorbed, but has to be reapplied regularly. Nevertheless, I give it 10/10 for making my hands feel silky! 

No. 4 Ziaja Goat's Milk Hand & Nail Cream. This hand cream is quite a deal! It's not expensive, but the container is large enough to last long, and what's most important, it does fairly good job in keeping your hands nourished. I liked its scent, and, same as in the case with the cream No. 2, I applied it before sleep, so my hands smelled really pleasantly, and, at least for me, it had this calming effect (you never know what floats your boat...). So I give it 9/10

Till the next time!

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