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20 Feb 2017

Weekend Getaway: Part III

Mondays are for planning and my goal this week is to catch up with my life in this blog! And what better way to do it, than finish my story about abandoned manors that me and my friends visited one week ago! If you missed first two parts, you can find them here and here.

After we left Lentvaris Manor and all its splendor, we headed to our last destination - Paneriai, where stands the smallest manor of all three that we managed to see that day. 

Founded in XVIII century by Simonas Liudvikas Gutakovskis (Ludwik Szymon Gutakowski, 1738-1811), Paneriai Manor later belonged to Stanislovas Puzina. When his daughter Aleksandra Puzinaitė married into the noble Riomeriai family, this  estate became their property. Romeriai ruled Paneriai manor for about 100 years.

Count Antanas Slaboševičius bought the estate before WWI, but never actually lived here. His manager Teodoras Mickevičius took care of the manor which served as resort for holiday makers. He initiated building of tennis courts and small marina in Neris river. 

Paneriai Manor was famous place during the interwar period, people from Lithuanian intelligentsia chose this place for their vacation. With Neris river and its islands, well planned park and silent, calm atmosphere, Paneriai Manor attracted people wishing to rest.

After WWII Paneriai Manor was nationalized and became a resort of the Lithuanian Writers' Union. Later it served as children's home and boarding-school. Currently this manor is abandoned and its owner is unknown.

Next to the main building are few other buildings that originally belonged to the Paneriai Manor. First of all, it's a wooden farm-hand building, standing next to the street. This type of building is quite rare in Lithuania, because many of them didn't survive to this day.

Near this house is ice-cellar, where all sorts of goods were kept in ice even during the summer!

A little bit further stands servants' quarters (oficina) and cowhouse/stables. Currently these buildings are not in their best condition.

Paneriai Manor is not as majestic as Lentvaris, Astravas, Palanga or other estates, but has its own charm. I've been here two years ago on a sunny summer day and the manor looked quite different than on this cold and murky afternoon:

So, as you can see come here during the summer, when you can not only enjoy much better views of this manor, but also walk through the park and hide in cool shades of old trees.