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12 Feb 2017

Weekend Getaway: Part I

Winter is a great time to do all sorts of exploring. Of course it has some disadvantages (mainly cold weather and runny nose as a consequence) but as Lithuanians like to say, there is no there is no bad weather only bad clothing. This weekend a jolly company of PhD students, their offsprings and a pet decided to explore three abandoned manors in the Vilnius region. I packed my camera, thermos with hot tea and set off to see three places that  still witness the greatness of some Lithuanian nobles.

Our first stop was Baltoji Vokė manor, about 12 kilometers from Vilnius city. Baltoji Vokė is a small village adjoining another village called Vaidotai. That's why in some sources this manor is called Vaitodai manor. 

Baltoji Vokė started growing only at the beginning of XIXth century when the nearby chapel was built. Around this time count Tiškevičius (Tyszkiewicz) noticed this place and decided to build a manor here. The project was entrusted to Italian architect L. Marconi, who designed the manor inspired by the Łazienki Palace in Warsaw. 

It is said that the whole territory was enclosed by fence and had neogothic style gate. Baltoji Vokė manor is also famous for being the first one in Lithuania to breed common whitefish and trouts.

After WWII this manor was transformed into technical school, later it hosted a small shop. Currently the buildings are neglected and desolated. Their walls are crumbling, the second floor of the main building have caved in there are loads of rubbish showing that this place is frequently visited by some locals. 

All the buildings that surround the main one are abandoned and almost in ruins. 

Although the manor is in critical condition, I saw pictures in other blogs (here and here) that it is possible to enter the building. Well, we found it locked and barricaded, so we left without seeing it's famous wooden columns and staircase

This manor is worth your attention and since it's in quite bad shape, hurry up while it's still standing. 

Stay tuned for two more upcoming stories!