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19 Feb 2017

Weekend Getaway: Part II

I know, I know, it's unforgivable to postpone my second post about abandoned manors near Vilnius and it has been a week (!) since my first post about it, but there's so much things happening in my life right now that I can't find even few spare minutes! However, today, with most of my plans fulfilled, I prepared my second story! 

After we left Baltoji Vokė manor, we headed to Lentvaris. It's a small town famous for it's manor that is thought to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Lithuania. 

Built in the second half of XIXth century, Lentvaris Manor belonged to count Juozapas Tiškevičius (Józef Tyszkiewicz), later - to his son Vladislovas Tiškevičius (Władysław Tyszkiewicz), who rebuilt it in the English Neo-Gothic style. 

Lentvaris Manor occupies vast territory and includes many buildings of all sizes: from splendid palace to barns and watermill. Luckily, many of these original buildings survived to this day and can be visited.

Although buildings of Lentvaris Manor are of striking beauty, it's park is no less important and worth admiration! Planned by the famous French landscape designer Édouard François André, it consists of three parts: French style, English style and Swiss style parks. Each part is distinguished by specific plants, trees or objects, like an artificial grotto (pictures below). Sadly, during the past decades when the manor was abandoned, both buildings and the park suffered quite a lot: there's signs of deterioration everywhere...

Lentvaris Manor has a new owner today, so, technically speaking, it's not abandoned anymore, but since nobody lives here, it still stands there cold and lonely.

I believe that this manor is even more majestic during spring and summer and I'm definitely going to visit it again!

Stay tuned for the third part!