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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

1 Jan 2017

2017: Plans, Goals and Wishes

First of all - happy new year!!! When fireworks are shot and champagne bottles are empty, it's time to start setting the goals for 2017!

  First of all, I do hate this "new year, new me" kind of promises. You can't just magically change and stop being who you are - all those habits and ways of acting and thinking took to form more than one year, so there's no chance to change it in, let's say, one month. Or half a year. Or a year. That's why these promises tend to fail. 
   More realistic would be "new year - better me" plan. And this is one of my (usual) goals: to grow with each passing year, to experience new things, catch new ideas, engage in interesting projects...
   Although I'll sound like 99% of the internet now, but I plan to start exercising again. I stopped going to the gym few months ago, because it was a quite complicated time with lots of deadlines to complete, which left me with 0 energy and motivation. But I feel that my body is getting out of shape and I started feeling uncomfortable in it again, so it's time to kick myself in a butt and start moving! 

   Another goal is to learn how to save money. I understood that my priorities now are not some new clothes, shoes or (sadly) books, so if I want to save for bigger things, I have to spend less. This is why I see this year as both a challenge and opportunity to learn how to manage my income that I'd be satisfied here and now and also could have some savings. 

   I also plan to draw more. This is one of the few ways to distract me from thinking about my PhD thesis. One has to step aside from time to time, otherwise you can go crazy (and I mean it literally). It also helps me to see and analyze the world around me, to notice shapes, colours, drawing just helps me to see my surroundings and its objects differently.

   There's another wish that I want to fulfill this year - to buy a cello. I am fascinated by this instrument from my teenage years, but I played piano, because there was only the violin classes in my local music school. But I plan to take this seriously and start learning how to play a cello by myself. Because, you know, the more things you do, the more you experience. 

   When I think about my blog, I do hope to write, to post more (as always). I'm thinking about introducing my PhD research things here, because, boy oh boy, there's some interesting material in the field of folk medicine!.. 

   I already have a summer vacation destination set and also I know where I'm going this spring! Can't wait to share the details with you!

And as for now, I do hope that my plans will be fulfilled, goals - reached and wishes will become part of my reality!