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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

8 Feb 2016

Week Roundup

Noticing that I update my Instagram more often than my blog, I decided to do these "week roundup" thingies just to see the general picture of my week. So here we go!

On Monday I posted a review about the beauty products that I use! Read more here!

Tuesday I shared some internet wisdom about worrying. I do worry too much and it annoys the hell out of me, because I can start feeling anxious about things that I can't change (because I can't change them at that moment or that doesn't depend on me at all). Little by little I am fixing this problem and hope to say "bye-bye" to anxiety some time in the near future.

Paralel to those events, Vincas caught cold. At first we thought that it's nothing serious, but it turned to be quite a persistent virus. Since on Wednesday was his birthday, we spent it at home, celebrating it with cake, red vine (for a symbolical dip of our lips in the glasses), strawberries and lots of love from parents, friends and our pets!

The snow is gone and I took out my beloved shoes from Deichmann for a stroll. So Thursday was filled with this "Spring is just around the corner" mood.

I caught cold too. It started with uncomfortable feeling in my throat, then the runny nose, then the temperature and, oh boy, I was drinking tea and various medicine like mad! This selfie reflects my interior perfectly.

On Saturday I even tried to do some studying, because I have no right to be sick at this time! There's so much I have to do! But, goodness gracious! I rarely can be this stupid. My body temperature skyrocketed and for the next one and a half days I was burried under the blankets, pillows and cats (see the next picture). 

Now I am feeling definately better, I was even brave enough to take a loooong bath with bathbomb from Stenders. I feel like born again. Well, more like I WOULD, if not the sniffles (dear God, I find this English word quite hilarious!)

And how was your week?