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22 Feb 2016

Week Roundup

Another week has passed and we are living the last days of February! I do hope that the spring will come soon, because I really missed the warmth... Each season is pleasing in its own way, but what happens "in between" of them is another talk. Like now: the wind is howling outside and the rain is falling heavily, melting away all the snow. I am glad that I decided to study at home and do not go outside. Now I am stealing a little bit of time for a quick recap what happened during the last week and what I put on my Instagram.

On Monday I had some buisness to do in the museum of Ethnocosmology, near Molėtai. What I like there is the exibition of glass sculptures by Jonas Šimonėlis on the uppermost floor. 

On my way I grabbed some coffee from "Statoil" and did some doodling on my cup.

On Tuesday I celebrated the 16th of February (Reinstating Independence of Lithuania day) with my husband and friends. Read more about it (in Lithuanian) here

I don't remember if I told you that I have immense passion for whisky. I discovered it after my trip to Scotland (I guess that it's supposed to be like this) almost two years ago and my feelings for this noble drink is constantly growing.
Last Wednesday was marked by whisky degustation at "King and Mouse" bar. Together with my husband, we tasted five whiskies from four countries. This was my first time tasting smokey whiskies and I was impressed by the "Peat Chimney 8 Y.O." , which had this genuine taste of of tar and peaty smoke. It was a true delicacy and I do hope to buy one bottle for myself in a future

Wednesday begun with delicious pancakes made by my husband! Usually, our "pancake day" is Saturday or Sunday, but I had no objections! Hooray for the perks of marriage! 
   I found "Oatley" milk, made (as the name suggests) from oats, so this early meal was even better!
   Later on we put on some whipped cream and maple syrup on top of our pancakes. I can't describe how tasty it was! I do announce my husband the best pancake maker in the whole universe! I do hope that he would not cease to spoil me with these glorious treats!

Thursday was filled with lots of work, so there are no photos (sorry!). 

The new issue of "Laima" magazine has arrived on Friday so I am reading it bit by bit, during my breaks from studying. One can't have enough information about beauty and style!

Weekend was spent with my parents. It's so nice to get back to their place! It's filled with memories and nostalgia, with things and places that I sometimes dream about. I do miss it, so it's a great joy to wander around. I took my dog for a walk and together with my sister we visited the old meadows, a rivulet which is almost dry during the summer, we crossed the wast fields - all these places are very dear to me. My dog was happy jumping and sniffing around, I was also content for having a moment to remember how much fun I had in all these places. 

And how was your week?