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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

16 Jan 2014

Things That Brighten My Day

Cosmetics, huh? Well, it was never my thing, actually, and I have mentioned that before in my older posts. BUT! (there's always this one "but"!) I do care about my skin and so I thought, why not so share my experiences with some of these products?

1) My No.1 now clearly is this wonderful body butter "Maroccan Rose" from "The Body Shop". Recreating the scent of roses, in my opinion, is a very tricky thing - in most of cases, when I was trying some roses-scented products, it was a complete disaster. But this one is an exception - it really smells like those flowers! I like it's texture - on skin it fells light and is absorbed pretty quickly. This body butter is for normal/dry skin, so if you want to pamper your's - I highly recommend to try this one!

2) All of these lip balms are my favorites (though it's hard to believe even for myself!). When it comes to my lips, I'm a pretty choosy person. So the first one "Saldaus apelsino ir mandarino kvapo" ("Sweet Scent of Orange and Tangerine") is organic, ecologic lip balm, which I like for it's scent (well, that's obvious) and for it's moisturizing properties. The second one is from "The Body Shop" and is called Honeymania. I like it's honey-ish scent and soft texture. The third one is from Lithuanian company called Uoga uoga. I like this brand and it's products, so this lip balm is no exception. I came across this balm last year and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to buy it for the rest of my life!

3) "Miss Manga" from "L'Oreal". I wanted to try this mascara so badly not only for my personal warm feelings towards Japanese manga, but from my curiosity also, I think. "Can it really make your eyelashes look like from manga?" - I was asking myself. Yeah, it really can. BUT you must be pretty careful, because too much of this mascara on your eyelashes makes it look like it's not from "L'Oreal", but from some cheap 99 cents shop. 

4) "Maybelline Colorama" and "L'Oreal" nail polishes are my favorites now. The first one is from "Brocades" collection, the third one - from "Vintage Leather". Both create an unexpected look, I do like the first one though, because even if "Vintage leather" creates an interesting matte effect, still, if it's not carefully done, it might look like you've got some dirt on your nails. The nail polish from "L'Oreal" looks pretty good, I like it's color, but one thing for sure - it's hard to remove it (because of all that glitter). 

And now, the second part of my never-ending romance with "Gucci" - Christmas present from my husband and mother-in-law. I was so fascinated by this "Glorious Mandarin" scent, that the only option was to get it. And now I'm pretty much complete (Oh, the joy of getting good and beloved stuff...). 

And this thing I got just yesterday - it's a brooch (but also a pendant) from "Lord of the Rings" movies. And since I'm a hardcore fan of Tolkien and Jackson, I thought - why not? So you can find it here, on eBay (my old good friend, supplying me with all that bijouterie...).