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30 Jan 2014

DIY: Polka Dot Shorts

Though it's winter outside, it's always vise to think a little bit further and prepare for upcoming seasons, like summer. I was fascinated by these Zara shorts (see picture above), but there were two reasons, why they didn't end up in my shopping bag: 1) they were too short (I know that my legs are far from the girl's who is wearing those shorts in the picture) and 2) it's price. So I decided, that it's time for another DIY! Sure, the process took longer that I thought, but in the end - I think it was worth it! 
   You'll need:

I got these jeans in the thrift shop, so the price of this project is about 15 Lt (~ 4 euros). 

First step: measure the lenght (I wanted a little bit longer than those scraps of fabric which I see in shops, because I want to be able ride my bike without people staring at my butt...)

... and then cut away all the unnecessary fabric.

Step two: pick the size of your polka dots. I made this stencil from plastic because my idea was make these dots by using a an old paintbrush which was dipped in bleach. Of course, this idea was doomed to fail,because the bleach spread out and the dots got a little bit bigger than I was planning, but, still, it wasn't a complete fiasco. 

Step three: start making dots! Each dot has to be moistened with bleach time after time (you have to repeat this dotting process for 3-4 times) in order to make it as white, as  possible. It's not the most enjoyable part of this DIY, besides, you have to be careful not to inhale too much of the bleach vapour - so better keep your windows open or turn on the ventilation system if you have one (if you doing this in winter. In summer I strongly recommend you to do this outside) - things tend to get pretty "fragrant" here...

Step four: leave your shorts in water mixed with bleach for ten minutes to bleach out the real color and bring out the whiteness of the dots. I had to soak my shorts twice, because it's color was so hard to bleach out.

Let it dry and... Taaaa - daaa! You have your very own awesome DIY polka dot shorts! I used pumice stone to rip up these shorts in few places, just to give them that "old" look. So that's all! Be creative! 

Stay warm!
Kisses and hugs!