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21 Dec 2021

December Vibes

December is coming to an end and I am beyond excited to show you my latest creation, a 1940s coat that is perfect for this cold winter weather (talking about the right timing)! With woolen interlining and detachable cape it is both warm and lovely, giving those instant vintage vibes.

I bought this pattern on Etsy some time ago and cut all the pieces in spring, however as the summer got closer I decided to make some dresses instead of a coat that I wouldn't need for at least half a year. So, naturally, when the temperature started hovering around 0°C I took out the pattern, the already cut pieces and got to work. It took me around two weeks to complete the coat. Although it looked challenging at the first glance, once I started making it everything became quite clear and I just pieced it together like an oversized puzzle. 

For the outer layer I bought a few meters of fine Italian wool. I also interlined the coat with a mix of woolen and synthetic material and added a viscose lining. The cape is without interlining, and fastened with a hook close to the neck. I also found some vintage-looking buttons that add some old-timey charm to this new garment.

To be honest, I am really proud how this coat turned out! I wore it around -11°C and the only part of my body that felt the cold was... my nose. Since I adjusted it to my measurements, it fits me like a glove. The waist is exactly where it needs to be and the skirt part flares quite lovely (swooshiness test passed with flying colours!), making it the perfect garment for colder weather.

Stay tuned for more sewing adventures!

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