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Hi! I am Asta! I am a philologist and a philocalist to the heart's core. Here I share things that I consider being aesthetic and fantastic!

31 Dec 2021

My 2021

With less than a couple hours left until the clock strikes midnight and we greet 2022, I sat down to write my annual review. What did this year taught me, what did it bring into my life?

This year without a doubt was a year of self care. It took me quite some time to convince myself that I can and should take breaks. Especially after this summer when I started experiencing intense anxiety that balanced on a verge of panic attacks. I am working on getting the situation under control but it is a hard mission. However, I do hope to succeed in this endeavor. In general, health vise it was a pretty sh*tty year I'd say. That's why I hope that 2022 would be much more balanced on that front.  

2021 also became a year when I got to sew a lot! I made several garments and the last one I finished just an hour ago, it is this blue 1940s dress that I am wearing in a photo above! I made it from a piece of fabric that I bought in Ikea some time ago and it was a close call with the pattern that required some volume in the skirt. But after almost 10 hours of making it, 'tis done and I am definitely going to greet the new year in it! So what I do hope for 2022 is even more time and more awesome sewing projects to complete! By the way, I even spoke about my hobby on our National Radio in an interview so it got me even more motivated! 

Although due to pandemic I am still not traveling abroad, this summer me and my husband had a pretty awesome vacation in Jurbarkas and Šakiai regions that I've documented in a series of blogposts

I feel happy that I could spend the holidays with my family and in general see them more often this year. I miss my colleagues, lots of my friends and our regular meetings, however I do hope that this whole flapdoodle of a situation with the pandemic is going to end and our regular lives will resume. However I do appreciate what this whole period has taught me and it is to put my health and my peace of mind first. So all I can wish for you all is more of that "me" time, more time for your hobbies and passions, for noticing the world around you. Because it never ceases to amaze.

Happy new year! See you all in 2022!

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