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31 Oct 2021

Cottage Witch

 "When was the last time when you have let 'the real you' out?", this is a question that is quite often on my mind. The real me is a dreamer, half warrior, half romantic; spirit raised on folktales, history books, and art. The real me loves to gather healing herbs and listen to the birds in the wild. For these and similar kinds of activities I decided to make myself a nice cloak and to go on an adventure in the tree alley and fields of my childhood.

The moment I saw Rachel Maksy making a cloak in one of her Youtube videos, I immediately understood that I'll have to sew one for myself. After ordering this same pattern (Simplicity Pattern 5794 Misses' Capes) from Etsy, I've waited until this glorious golden autumn arrived and got to work. To be completely honest, it was one of the easiest sewing projects that I've done so far. The construction part of the cloak was relatively easy and the only thing that was a bit harder was working with gigantic pieces of fabric (I bought 6 meters of wool/polyester blend + viscose for lining). However, after 3 days of work I had the cloak ready for frolicking in the fields and among the trees. As we were heading back to our homeland for a short visit, I had a perfect location in mind. The old linden tree alley next to my village was an ideal spot, with warm sunshine and dramatic gusts of wind. So I've just let the real me out, channeling all the fairy tale heroines, as well as one of my favorite books "Jane Eyre" and the famous wandering through the moors.

Stay warm and healthy! See you in my next post 
(which I do hope wouldn't take THAT long to write...)

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  1. could you please share more photos with the cloak but in strong wind gusts! I want to see shots of it flapping around!