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31 Jul 2021

Madame En Vacances: Destination Panemunė Road (Pt. 1)

When you live in such a small country as Lithuania, sometimes it might seem that you've seen it all and done it all. However in most cases it is not entirely true (well, at least in my case). So for the second year in a row my husband and I have traded our vacation abroad for an adventure here, exploring our own territory and what it has to offer. Last year we went to Nida and this year we decided to drive down the Panemunė Road which leads to the seaside and see what kind of places and objects to see we can discover there. 

Panemunė Road is often described as the most romantic route in Lithuania because of nearby castles, manors, countless hillforts, and on the left side of the road (if you are going in the direction of the seaside) the waters of Nemunas river are rushing towards the sea. I've been in this particular region twice: once during the school trip (and I can barely remember it) while the second time was a couple of years ago, when I have attended a seminar there (so it was more of a workcation than vacation). I had noticed that there are more things to explore and it is worth to properly experience all that the regions of Jurbarkas and Šakiai have to offer. That is why this summer we rented a room in a lovely country house near Jurbarkas town and started to discover this really historically intense corner of Lithuania. 

We left for our vacation on a sunny Monday morning and after a short stop in Baisiogala Manor our destination was finally reached. The only goal that day was to unpack (well, and to relax too) but as the evening drew closer we spontaneously decided to go and see Sudargas Mound Complex during the sunset. All I can say - the experience was just m a g i c a l! 
By the way, did you know that Sudargas also has erected a monument for Jerome David Salinger (the author of The Catcher in the Rye)? Apparently his great-grandfather was from the town so it was decided to honor his memory with a composition of metal and concrete that overlooks the valley of Nemunas river as well as the nearby mounds. 

With majestic sunset still in our minds and the darkening summer skies over our heads we came back to our room and started preparing (morally, of course) for the day two of our vacation which was supposed to be a little more intense. So stay tuned for more updates!

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