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15 Feb 2019

Te Amo Bergamo

Milano is a glamorous and attractive city, but there is one particular place in Northern Italy that just cannot be ignored. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Bergamo, charming city surrounded by mountains.

As I was going through the pages of various guidebooks about Milano, all of them pretty strongly recommended either exploring Lake Como and its towns or going to Bergamo, a city that can be reached by 40 minute train ride. Since the weather forecast wasn't very optimistic about the last days of our trip, together with my husband we decided to visit Bergamo on our second day in Italy. When we reached our destination, I understood that going to this city was a very wise thing to do! I just fell in love with the cobweb of streets that line Città Alta  the upper town  of Bergamo! 

Bergamo is a real gem for Renaissance architecture's enthusiasts: from the magnificent Basilica S.Maria Maggiore to Campanone – Civic Tower – there's lots of things to see. Venetian walls that surround the Città Alta are an impressive sight too!

   There's lots of climbing, especially if you want to reach Castello di San Vigilio, ruins of the castle that previously crowned the hill. Even though there are lots and lots of steps, the views from the summit are rewarding!

Bergamo has its charm, especially if you get to spend there all day. Walking around, sitting down for a cup of coffee or a tasty lunch in this atmospheric city is definitely going to turn into one of heartwarming memories later. 

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