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10 Aug 2019

Madame en Vacances: Escaping Seaside

Laying all day on the beach is definitely not my style. First, I get easily sunburned. Second, I get bored after 30 minutes and even having a book beside me is of little help. So after spending one afternoon soaking in the sunlight (and forgetting to apply sunscreen on the behind of my knees, thus getting badly burned), others were spent exploring various places that were near Šventoji. So if you are a history geek and like to move more than stay put, this post should be definitely up your alley. These are the places that you could visit if you get bored of those (harsh) waves of the Baltic Sea.

Palanga (or Los Palangeles). Four years ago I had a very touristy stroll in this seaside city, but this year I was guided by my friend who have shown me the other side of this Lithuanian summer destination. I saw that Basanavičiaus street is slowly loosing its monopoly with many cute boutiques and cafes opening in the neighboring streets. And I never thought that the sunset from under the famous bridge looks as impressive, as from the top of it!

Kretinga. This town is famous for its manor/museum with winter garden. I've been there ages ago and even after all these years it still looks impressive! Sitting down in the cafeteria that is on the second floor of the garden should be mandatory, because both the views and the desserts are incredibly nice! Later take a walk in the monetesque gardens that surround the main building of the museum, watch the water birds swimming in charming ponds. A cup of takeaway coffee/tea is recommended.

Hillforts. If you are a fan of historical sights, there are some impressive hillforts near Kretinga. During our outings, we have visited four of them: Kartena, Anduliai, Rūdaičiai, Senkai hillforts were each impressive in their own way. But my mind was blown by the legendary Šatrija Hill, which was rumored to be the main gathering place of witches during the St. John's night.

This is just a small part that this Western part of Lithuania has to offer! I hope that this information will help you discover more of this wonderful region!

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