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5 Jan 2019

Hug Your Thirties

That's right, fellas! Yesterday I waved my twenties goodbye and welcomed new decade of my life! I am beyond excited to start the new chapter of my life and see what the future brings!

Looking back to these past ten years, I was wondering, had I my "roaring twenties"? Well, in that sense, not really. I was never a party person, especially the one that would dance till the morning. In a party (if I would attend one) you would find me petting host's cat (or dog, it depends), chatting with somebody in the corner, or admiring host's book collection (classical introvert move, I know). I have always preferred small circles over the large crowds, so I've spent lots of time with my close friends, talking, playing board games, drinking wine, watching movies, you name it. So it has been more like "cozy twenties". And I like to continue that in the future. 

During these past ten years I... got married, finished my BA, MA, started and completed my PhD studies (still have to defend the thesis though). I have visited fifteen countries (some of them more than once), as well as explored my own. I encouraged my husband to adopt a cat and, few years later, a dog (now I can't imagine our lives without them!). 

This past decade was all about learning, exploring, trying out various things, collecting experience, wondering who do you want to become (I still don't know an answer to that one, to be honest). I got to know myself better, gathered courage and started to act, think, and speak how I want to, not how others expect me to. I learned that I can express my opinion and it is valued. I think I'm safe to say that during my twenties I matured as a human being, as an individual. 

I do believe that my next ten years will be incredibly exciting. I have no illusions that it's going to be a smooth sailing, but I do hope that the waves and tides don't crush my boat (there's some poetry for you). I (sorta) know the direction that I'm going, my determination is still within me. People around me are supportive and helpful, they inspire me and guide me, and I also attempt to be like them. Looking in to the future, I do believe that I'll greet my forties just as happily as I entered my thirties! 

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