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6 Aug 2019

Madame en Vacances: Šventoji Chapter

"August is, basically, a gateway to autumn" - summed up my colleague once. I would call it a month when that summertime sadness, that Lana del Rey sung so lovely about, reaches its peak. Bittersweet joy fills our hearts and we desperately try to make the most of these last 31 days of "official summer". Me and my husband also jumped onto this bandwagon, so here we are, in Lithuanian seaside, where sky and sea merge at the horizon.

When I came to Šventoji last year, it was more of workation than vacation. This year the situation is a little bit different and since we are not having a grand tour abroad, we decided to have the most of this week at the seaside. 
   Yesterday was a perfect day to get some tan, so we hit the beach pretty early in the morning. Sunscreen with SPF 30 and I was ready to soak in the sunshine. I even managed to swim in the Baltic sea, although the water was freezing. 
   Foodwise, there's not much to choose from here in Šventoji. It's either "Du Malūnai" or "Vikingas", and TripAdvisor cannot help you much here (of course, if you crave for very VERY authentic  and local experience, head to "Paršelio rojus" or "Titanikas", but I have warned you...), so we visit canteen type places, where you go not for gastronomical adventure, but just to fill your stomach with something warm. 
   Šventoji cannot offer lots of sightseeing places, but if the weather's good in the evening just grab a blanket, a cup of coffee, and sit down for a magnificent sunset near the old wooden bridge. These are the moments worth being here for!

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