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12 Oct 2019

Trying Out: IsaDora Makeup Products

Makeup is one of the topics that I am interested in quite a lot recently. My Pinterest is filled with ideas for Korean makeup (I just love those gradient lips!), so for the past few months I've been experimenting more with styles and getting done it right, than trying out new beauty products. However, recently I bought few items made by IsaDora, so I thought that it's about time I bring back my reviews!

First of all, I stumbled upon IsaDora as I was googling for makeup for sensitive eyes, since this week I was diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome. My doctor told me that I can use eye makeup per se, but I ought to look for hypoallergenic one, which is a little bit more expensive. And since one of our online shops was having a sale of IsaDora cosmetics, I read a little bit more about the brand and decided to give it a shot. Yesterday I got my package of goodies and tried them out, so let's look at them closer!

This mascara was the one that I've found first, after I filtered all the assortment of makeup products for sensitive eyes. According to IsaDora website, this mascara is "free from additives which, in extreme cases, may cause allergic reactions". It has "special thin brush for sensitive eyes and short eye lashes". The mascara is also "water-resistant", "ophthalmologically tested", and suitable "for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers". 
   I tried it out already twice and so far, so good - my eyes have been not reacting to it (like it had to  L'Oréal's Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara, boy that was painful...), it covers eyelashes nicely and evenly, and it doesn't glue them into clumps, so do not worry about that anime-eye effect. After applying even three layers, eyelashes still look natural, so this really wins my sympathies. The mascara can be removed easily with makeup remover. A slightly more work is required if you choose micellar water.

Having my mascara picked out, I moved on to look for an eye contour pencil. After filtering the results, there was not that much to choose from, and since Perfect Contour Kajal is suitable for sensitive eyes, as well as water-resistant (plus, contains Jojoba oil, Cottonseed oil, Vitamin C and E), I thought that I will look no further. 
   After trying it out I can say that it is really soft and easy to apply. I used it as an exact liner, and it did its job pretty well. Although I usually buy black pencils, this dark brown is also a good choice, it looks more natural and is more suitable for a makeup with less contrast. The pencil is easy to remove, no rubbing involved. It's still too early to say if it will not stamp itself on the upper part of the eyelids after a long day of wearing it, as others usually do in my case, but I hope it does not. Currently, I really like it, and the price is not that different form the other brands, like Pupa of above mentioned L'Oréal. 

Moving on, more eye makeup products, and this time it's eye shadows. I chose them since they were also indicated as suitable for people with sensitive eyes, plus, they are clinically tested and fragrance free. Eye Shadow Quartet No. 35 Pearls were closest to my usual colour palette. I like shimmery eye shadows because correctly applied they can make your tired eyes look... well, less tired. And this is exactly the camouflage that I need now, to look more presentable in public.
   It's not that visible on my hand, but once you put it on your eyelids, the colours are more vivid and less transparent. However, if you want to create a bolder evening look, you'll have to apply quite a few layers of these shadows. But for daily eye makeup it is more than enough. I also liked their creamy texture, it is much more different from the eye shadows that I usually use. Although I'm repeating myself here, but it is easy to remove, so it's a bliss. 

Last, but far from the least, I got two lipsticks. Well, technically, I've ordered only one, the Lip Desire Sculpting Lipstick, in Vintage Rose colour (somehow it's not available anymore on IsaDora's webstore, but you can find one, for example, on Amazon), but I got another one as a complimentary gift. It's from the Perfect Moisture Lipstick collection, and boy oh boy it's fabulous! 
   The Summer Red one is very creamy and light. Sadly, it is quite transferable, so I'm not sure about how long it can stay on your lips, but the pigmentation itself is pretty strong, and once I tried to remove that dab that you see in the picture above from my hand, I had to rub it vigorously (maybe it was because I used micellar water and not a makeup remover). Nevertheless, I really like the colour and the feeling of moisture, I think it'll be fun to wear it in the future!
   Now, the Vintage Rose is a milder shade, quite transparent, so you have to apply at least three layers of it to get an effect of lipstick and not a balm with a colour. But it has very nice pearly shimmer! Very suitable for daily makeup, so I think that I'll use it quite often.
   I also tried to create two looks with these products, so there you go (sorry for my tired face in advance, but my level of fatigue cannot be hidden event under layers of CC creams, concealers and powder...) ! One is more suited for evenings and weekends, the other one for daily use:

That is all! I hope it was worth reading through all of it! Stay warm in these rainy October days!

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