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23 Nov 2018

November Highlights: Göteborg Chapter

Trip to Göteborg is definitely the highlight of this month. Almost spontaneously planned, it turned to be quite a pleasant adventure! 

Choosing Sweden as a weekend getaway destination was never in my plans before, but since my sis moved to Göteborg, it became the perfect chance to visit her and to see the city itself.

Göteborg is a large city, filled with parks, cozy cafes, and stylish people. I liked its laid-back atmosphere and although at first it might seem that there's not that much to do there, but it definitely has quite a few gems! For example, Gothenburg's Museum of Art. Not only it holds the world's finest collection of Nordic art from the late 19th century, but also has paintings by famous French, Dutch, and many other painters.

Palmhuset ("Palm House") in Trädgårdsförening is one of the most instagramable places in Göteborg. Filled with lush greenery it invites people to wander among palms and other tropical plants. Such an amazing island of summer-like atmosphere in the landscape of withered nature!

Since both me and my husband are architecture and history geeks, we looked for old buildings in the city. Although it cannot boast about large castles, but there are some nice fortifications. We went to see two of them, Skansen Kronan and Skansen Lejonet. The first one offers you nice views over the city, while the second one is very lovely spot to walk around.

If you start feeling hungry, there's many options to choose from. We found a very nice burger place called Dine that offers gourmet burgers and has some good Swedish Imperial Stout.

For a cup of coffee, we stopped at Cafe Husaren in Haga district. It offers all sorts of pies and buns, including traditional Swedish kanelbullar. It's worth going there for its atmosphere too!

The Market Hall is also a very good place to stop, if you're looking for traditional Swedish delicacies. Freshly baked bread, handmade candies, dairy products, and various meats - all this and much more you'll find in this market. 

All in all, it was a very pleasant trip, that could not be ruined by the pouring rain (that's why be sure to pack your wellies and waterproof coat!). I'd like to visit Göteborg in spring, because I bet, that it's very lovely at that time in particular!

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