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25 Nov 2018

Fragrance Discoveries. Lavs by Unum

Serenity that captures your soul. Coolness of the marble pillars in the summer heat. An echo of the Mass in a church. All this and much more I can say about my favorite perfume, Unum LAVS. 

Created in 2014 by the (multi)talented Pope's tailor Filippo Sorcinelli, LAVS was born (to quote the man himself) as a scent "to complete the sacred vestment boxes in order to enrich the sensorial experience of whomever decided to depersonalize and get dressed with Beauty and celebrate something higher". Named after the atelier (Laboratorio Atelier Vesti Sacre), LAVS celebrates spirituality and encourages to wrap oneself in the veil of mystery and surreal beauty.

Compared with my other favorite aromas from this liturgical paradigm, such as Opus 1144 (pure Gothic in a bottle) or Io non ho mani che mi accarezzino il volto (loneliness and at the same time  the triumph of the will encaptured), LAVS radiates this cool and tenebrous vibe. At least in my case, it brings back all the memories of the churches and cathedrals that I have visited in my life, all the Masses that I have attended in my teenage years. The scent lifts you upwards, to the light and serenity, but at the same time tender earthy notes keep the balance and remind oneself about the mundane life. It's a melancholic scent, where the sparks of warmth flicker but quickly disappear leaving one alone with his/her thoughts. 

LAVS is a strong scent that requires a confident personality. When the top notes (jasmine, cardamon, black pepper) fade away, it's an army of heavy elements that occupy your nostrils: elemi, labdanum,  opoponax, amber, cloves...

This perfume is a statement. It's a dot at the end of a sentence. It's something that you carry with your head held high, but at this same time your mind soars freely. 

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