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3 Sept 2018

MJR XXI: Magic In The Rain

When days are getting shorter and nights are filled with mists and fog you know that summer is coming to an end. My way of saying goodbye to summer and greeting the fall for the past 6 years is participating in the festival called Mėnuo juodaragis. This year it was all about magic and spells, and boy it delivered!

If it's not the first time when you stumbled upon this blog, you know that I'm a fan of Mėnuo juodaragis and I've been coming to this fest since 2013 (post from previous two years are here). I have attended this event as a participant and as a musician in 2015 when my folk group Mindrė was invited to perform on the Folk Stage. This year I came to the festival as a lecturer and talked about folk medicine and how magical rituals were incorporated in healing and protective practices (my glorious moment in the photo below). 

Since my presentation was only on Sunday, I have enjoyed two previous days to my heart's content (because recently my mind was (and is) mostly occupied with my PhD thesis (le grand final is coming!), so I really felt like I deserved a break!). It felt so incredibly nice just to walk around, listening to the bands performing (my favorites were definitely Heilung, Alash, Sangre de Muerdago, Ugniavijas), to drink beer, and to talk with my old good friends. Even the rain was more than welcome!

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