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26 Feb 2018

Vilnius Book Fair 2018: Tired and Happy

Love it or hate it, but Vilnius Book Fair is definitely one of the most important events here in Lithuania. Four days of events, meetings with writers, illustrators, and publishers, and, most of all, tons and tons of books! For the second year in a row I stood on the opposite side of a counter and exchanged my studies and work for this incredible experience! 

Although participating in the Fair for these past three days (I had my Friday off) required quite a lot of energy, but I am filled to the brim with best impressions! I met with my old friends, made new ones, but most of all, I spent my time among books and got to talk about them to my heart's content! Could I ask for more?

I managed to go only to one of the many (MANY) events, but for many years it is the main event for me -- The Most Creative Book Awards, organized by my institution, Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. This year's winner is Gytis Norvilas and his poetry book "Grimzdimas" ("Sinking"). 

And last, but far from the least -- what I brought back from the Fair! This year I got or bought 20 books. It's an impressive number, bearing in mind that I already lack place in my IKEA Billy shelves. But I'll think of something (maybe start stacking my precious books in double rows). I also bought some postcards for my collection, and although I've got at least four blank notebooks in my drawer, I got another one, along with beautiful leather handbag/ case by Cloud Line!

It's time to rest and read!

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