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9 Feb 2018

February: Week 2 Favorite

This week's highlight, without a doubt, is the show by "alt-J", a British band who finished their "Relaxer" tour here, in Vilnius. 

I can't remember how I came across "alt-J", but I was mesmerized by how they play both with sounds and words (if you can understand lyrics of their songs the first time you hear it, then you sir (or madam) are my hero!). When I heard that they are coming to Lithuania, me and my husband, who is also a fan of this band, just had to buy the tickets. And then the period of waiting begun. 

On the evening of the concert, before "alt-J" came up on stage the public was warmed-up by young British musician Marika Hackman. I have never heard of her, actually, but she played some nice tunes during her performance. Sadly, most of her songs were not to different from each other, filled with this punk-rock vibe or straight down melancholic and slow, basically no in-between. I caught myself yawning few times, but I'm sure about one thing - she has a strong voice, nice timbre. 

"alt-J" performance was spectacular, especially the visuals, the lights that were pulsing according to the beat and instrumental parts. The singing part was a bit complicated: it appeared that Joe Newman was unable to sing few higher notes in some songs and it took away the climax in those compositions. Also, there was a minimum interaction with the public, but I guess they were already dead-tired after all those concerts already, so there maybe wasn't much energy left for their last performance of this tour? Nevertheless, I was glad that they played all my favorite songs, including "Interude I (The Ripe & Ruin)", that I really didn't expect to hear here.

It's great that I had a chance to hear one of my favorite musicians here, in Vilnius! Now I cross my fingers and hope to hear the other two favorites of mine sometime in the future! 

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