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18 Feb 2018


100 years ago on February 16th Lithuania restored its independence, so this whole weekend was dedicated to this very special occasion! Since not everyday you get to mark a centenary, it has to be special, something to remember when the years go by. So me and my friends went on a trip, visiting places that played a role in (or after) this important event. 

At the beginning of our trip, we explored our capital Vilnius. Each of us had to prepare a short presentation on a certain location/person. My task was to talk about one of our most famous figures, the "patriarch of Lithuanian nation" - doctor Jonas Basanavičius. I have to admit, that I have never gave much of a thought about him, although I knew some facts about Mr. Basanavičius' life from school and my work. So this presentation gave me an opportunity to get to know him better and, believe me, I was fascinated by his autobiography! A true multipotentialist and a fellow traveler I might say. He even owned an owl (Lat. Strix Bubo)! Unexpectedly this whole preparation made me a fan of Mr. Basanavičius!

On our second day we went to Kaunas which was our temporary capital during 1920-1939. We walked around, looking how our "neighbors" celebrating this important day. What's more, we went to a cinema, to see the latest Lithuanian movie "Owl Mountain", about a partisan war that happened after the WWII. Since the movie was shot in Kaunas, we also went to see how this Owl Mountain looked like in real life (nice views of the city from the summit!).

How did you mark this special occasion? 

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