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26 Jun 2023

Midsommar 2023

It's kind of becoming a tradition of mine to celebrate Midsummer in Sweden. This year me and my spouse went back to Göteborg to eat some quality herring and potatoes, but of course these were'nt the only things in our agenda, so here's a brief recap of our adventures.

Last time when we were in Göteborg I really wanted to visit The Medicine Museum however it was under a reconstruction. This time it was already open and there was no way that I was going to miss my chance! The exibitions are well prepared and the information is nicely distributed, making the walk through the museum not an overwhelming experience. It was a bit unexpected to see that our quite recent experience of Covid-19 already became part of the exibitions in museums, but that's how history works. 

The next day in the afternoon we collected picnic blankets, beverages, the abovementioned pickled herring, and followed the crowds to the Slottsskogen park. What can I say, it was fun to listen to various music (from Swedish folk to a DJ mixes), chat with locals and just enjoy lovely sunny day and warm evening.

The next day, of course, required some recovery after all the celebration, so our roads took us to the Gräfsnäs castle ruins with a lovely lake and friendly ducks. Lazying in the sun and eating ice cream by the lake was the thing that hit all the right spots.

Our adventures in Sweden were far from over, as a trip to Marstrand awaited us the next day! Stay tuned for a post about the majestic bastion!

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