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5 Nov 2023

Rīga is Always a Good Idea. Day 1

Rīga is a city that never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many times I trod through its streets. It's always that charming cocktail of medieval & art nouveau architecture, cute caffes, nice pubs and restaurants, and the abundance of cultural events that get me hooked. As the month of October drew to an end, me and my work colleagues decided to have a prolonged and culture filled weekend in the capital of Latvia. Here's a part 1 of a short account of what we have explored during our short stay!

We stayed in Rixwell Old Riga Palace Hotel as it made our trips to the old town much easier. After the breakfast in our hotel, we went to explore the oldest streets in Riga, enjoying crisp and cold air. I had a great pleasure in sharing my knowledge about this lovely city, so I was an unofficial guide of our tiny group, directing attention to certain historical and meaningful buildings and places. We begun our sightseeing with the Riga St Peter's Church, which offers a lovely view of the cityy from its 72 meters high tower. 

Having enjoyed Riga from above, me and my friends navigated through the narrow streets of the city, admiring it's well preserved architecture and enjoying the first half of the day.

After lunch, our destination was The Art Museum Riga Bourse. With its richly decorated interiors and substantial collection of classical paintings, this place is a must to visit, even if your trip to Riga is very short. At this time they are holding a temporary exibition on German Romanticism in paintings, and it was equally informative as well as eye-catching. 

The Art Museum left me and my friends both inspired and tired, however, as I went back to the hotel to soak in a bubble bath, couple of my colleagues went to listen to the Latvian music concert, performed in Riga Cathedral. We concluded the evening in Sidrērija, tasting Latvian cider. 

Stay tuned for the part two and the wonderful art nouveau of Riga!

Photos © Aesthastic