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11 Oct 2020

The Fires of October

In my thirties, I have finally understood that I am completely an autumn person. Somehow when I talk to people on the topic of this particular season, they usually point out that they like those sunny days with golden and red leaves slowly falling with every gust of wind. Alas, the rainy part of autumn is not that much admired: it makes people gloomy, and drenched. But I disagree! Although the skies might be leaden, it is the perfect weather to stay indoors and listen to some good music, light up some scented candles and read or watch a movie (or series of your preference). Accompanied by countless cups of tea, autumn is more than bearable, it is thoroughly enjoyable! At the same time, when an opportunity of a bright day arises, one must enjoy it to the heart's content! This is precisely what I did this Saturday, when me and my husband's family decided to visit Joniškėlis manor and its park. 

I have visited this manor... 6 years ago! It was lovely to walk those paths once again and to see that the park is under the reconstruction to its previous glory. There are comfy benches to sit down, lovely winding paths to stroll, and lots and lots of lovely corners to admire!

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