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18 Oct 2020

Home Workspace Upgrade

Working from home is slowly becoming the new normal and I could not be more happy! Don't get me wrong, although I love my workplace (who wouldn't want to work in a palace?), during the past couple of years I've been carefully upgrading my own work corner in our flat, because I need a certain aesthetics to be able to function properly. Today I have made some changes and additions that I thought might be interesting for some of you as well, hence this post!

The last big upgrade happened in the spring, during the quarantine, when me and my husband switched our sides of work at our desk (here's the before picture) and bought another IKEA Billy bookshelf to hold some of my academic readings, as well as my antique book collection and painting supplies. Last week I have FINALLY bought so called banker's lamp (or Emeralite) which is just a must to the people in academia! Jokes aside, it is really the lamp of my dreams, both classy and old school, making me feel like I am sitting in an old library. I saw lamps like these in reading rooms of some universities, so, sentiments played a great role in purchasing it, no doubt. 

I also rearranged the wall in front of the desk. Because I wanted to properly fit the lamp, I had to hang my mood board in  another place. There was also my DIY from the last post that also had to go up on the wall. Couple of weeks ago, while looking around in my favorite second-hand shop I saw a tiny watercolour (for ridiculous price of 1,40 €) that I also wanted to put on display... That's how I've found myself hammering nails into the wall on Sunday afternoon (sorry to all of my neighbors). 

I have also put our travel map in a larger frame with a window mat. It's a pity that there are no new countries to mark in it this year...

It's also a tradition of mine to rearrange postcards on my mood board once the season changes. This time I chose postcards that were brought back from abroad (Tartu, Pompeii, Rome, Gdansk, Gothenburg). All the best memories!

With the colder days approaching, I cut all the roses in my garden and brought this last fragrant bouquet home. Needless to say, I plan on planting more of these beautiful flowers next year!

However, what I like the most is that my workspace looks as cozy in the late evening as it looks during the daytime. With the days getting shorter, I think it is important to create a place where you can be able to work pleasantly, even into the wee hours if the need arises!.. 

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