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17 Oct 2020

DIY: Fancy Deer Wall Decoration

Autum is here, so it's time to get crafty! As my obsession with deers is not going away, I decided to make a small wall decoration with a figurine that I have found in a flower shop (while shopping for an entirely different thing, of course). So here's what you can call a tutorial on how to make something similar by yourself!

What I have used in this DIY: a figurine (7 €), a frame from IKEA (3,99 €), painter's tape, black and golden acrylic paint and some double sided tape.

1. Take the glass out of the frame. Then take the window mat and trace it's inner measures with a pencil on the back of the frame's cardboard. This is going to be the center of the decoration.

2. Take some of the painter's tape and stick it around the inner square. 

3. Paint the inner square with black acrylic paint. I did not use any water, because I wanted to get a thick layer of paint. Let it dry competely.

4. When it dries, carefully peel the tape and prepare for the next step, which is...

5. ...covering the center square with painter's tape and painting the rest of the cardboard with golden acrylic paint. Also, wait until it dries completely.

6. I have used two types of brush: a flat one to cover the cardboard and then a larger brush with a pointy tip to give a texture for the golden background.

7. When everything's nice and dry, take the figurine and attach it to the center of the black square. I have used the double-sided tape, but hot glue could work just as fine!

Ant there you have it! Simple, yet quite elegant decoration for your walls! If you decide to make something similar for yourself, let me know by tagging me in IG (@_aesthastic_)! 

Stay safe and creative!

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